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Cat health
Here you will find information about cat diseases and some useful tips about first aid for cats and cat psychology.
Cat info
This section contains information about cats. We give hints about how to care for them, cat nutrition and description about different breeds of cat. We also have a section on lost cats - when to start worrying, what to do, and who to contact. (Contact us too - we are happy to carry pictures and a description.)
Cat travel
Travelling with cats from and to England has become much easier in the last few years, but getting it wrong will mean that your cat will be forced to stay in quarantine. In this section we cover all the processes required to get your cat a passport. The page contains up-to-date information about vaccinations, quarantine laws and regulations for different types of transport and different carriers.
Find out if you are a cat-person…. and more
Get a cat
Here you will find all you need to know about adopting a cat. From the first thought “I would like a cat” we take you through all the steps to successfully giving a home to your new pet. We discuss the pros and cons of getting a kitten vs an adult cat as well as the best places to get the cat from.
Contains stories and poems about cats. It also has a section on small wild cats and lots of general articles related to cats.
Make your cat a star – just fill in a form with the information about your cat and submit your favourite cat picture and we will make your cat a home page (we we really like the photo, it might also go on the home page of the website).


Most recent...

Feelin(e) sick of Corruption?
The bad news is that, despite getting the approval of 91% of the electorate, Barsik will not become mayor of the Russian city of Barnul. The good news is that the job may have proven a touch challenging for Barsik, who is an 19-month-old cat - a Scottish Fold to be precise. Nevertheless the feline candidate's sky-high rating in the polls sends a serious message to local politicians. 10/1/2016 read more...
The Robo-cat experiment
Toy manufacturer Hasbro has produced a cat that provides warmth and companionship, but never needs feeding or a clean litter tray. There's no cat hair to pick out of your toothbrush during the shedding season, and when you go to visit the grandchildren you can leave the cat alone for as long as you like without needing to make complicated arrangements with the neighbours. All that this wonder cat needs to keep going is a recharge every now and then. 18/12/2015 read more...
Is your cat a speed eater?
There are several reasons why a cat might eat too fast. One is simply that your cat is very hungry. This may not imply any neglect on your part – perhaps even the opposite. No overweight cat appreciates being put on a diet, and in such cases the cat's natural reaction to meeting food is to get it inside her as fast as she can, simply because it's there and she loves eating the stuff. 1/12/2015 read more...
Treacle and the cat-flap
If you go by veterinary records, our cat has had several names over the years. In the last place we were at, the vets insisted on calling her 'Trickle'. This name came with rather unpleasant (and totally unfounded) suggestions of urinary incontinence, but once it was on the paperwork there was no changing it. 15/11/2015 read more...



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