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Malcolm's Home Page

picture of Malcolm

Malcolm is 4 years old.

His favourite food is Purina.

Malcolm's favourite toys. he has a teddy bear that he carries around and he has a tweety bird that he likes to play with,,he has started to fetch like a dog i take an old cig pack and wadd it up and throw it across the room and he will go fetch it just like a dog,,he thinks he's a dog lol

Where Malcolm is from. Malcolm came to us from my neighbour and friend she had him and his sister,but she got run over and my friend just didnt think she could keep malcolm, so we took him, we got him when he was 8 weeks and he was so hyper he was into everything, not long after that we got him neutered and declawed because i just didnt want him to get run over, he is my buddie...luv ya malcolm

About Malcolm. He mostly sleeps during the day cause he plays all nite, he has his days and nites messed up, when we are home he is usually sleeping either in his bed or he is on my bed, he is so spoiled, he is just a good cat that's all i can say about him,well a few things have changed with Malcolm since jan. we took him to the Vet in May and he has gained a few pds,,he now weighs 14.5 he is fat lol,,,and he is playing alot rufer, he likes to bite when he is only playing,he is just a spoiled little boy thats that,,,,luv ya Malcolm.
Just alittle update on Malcolm sorry i havent been on here in awhile,,,Malcolm has gotten alittle fatter since the last time i wrote to you all,,,he is doing just fine still spoiled as ever,,im not sure that he doesnt weigh almost 20 lbs,,he just eats and sleeps alot,, I also see that alot of cats as joined this page it must very interesting. hope u have a great winter

Last updated: 2009-09-25

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