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Princess's Home Page

picture of Princess

Princess is 1 year old.

Her favourite food is Iams.

Princess's favourite toys. she loves to play with mice and little balls with jingle bells inside. She also loves yarn and thread but we always supervise her when she is playing with things that aren't real cat toys. She just loves to play with us. She loves to chew on pencils when I am busy with homework.

Where Princess is from. my mother's friend at work found a mother kitten under her porch with 3 kittens and ones name is pork rhine. LOL it's cute and so my kitty is a street cat and we don't know who the father was and the mother is a street cat to she is a short-haired tabby and Princess is a orange short-haired tabby cat.

About Princess. Princess loves to sleep but spends most of her time playing and screaming, she makes strange noises when everyone goes to bed. I wonder why... she likes to go inside the bathroom if we don't shut the door too quickly. When my dad takes a shower they play paw under the door. She is an indoor cat I wish my mom would let her go outdoors but I did some research and whenever cats are indoor they live up to 5 years longer. My cat loves tables with magazines on them. She likes to see how many times it takes her to roll over to get the papers to fall down and how quickly us humans can pick it back up. She loves to eat table scraps, too. Well what cat doesn't? She also loves to do crafts with me and make things. When I sew or knit she sits on my lap and if I make a stitch wrong, she will paw at the spools or needles. She sometimes plays with the thread whenever she is in a playful mood. her favorite color is pink. She likes all colors really.

Last updated: 2009-09-27

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