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Cleo - The Real Housecat of Orange County's Home Page

picture of Cleo - The Real Housecat of Orange County

Cleo - The Real Housecat of Orange County is 8 years old.

Her favourite food is Brekkies.

Cleo - The Real Housecat of Orange County's favourite toys. Cleo likes to chase a ball that is attached by a string that I pull about

Where Cleo - The Real Housecat of Orange County is from. Cleo was a stray cat at the place where l worked which was a car parts major manufacturing plant

About Cleo - The Real Housecat of Orange County. Cleo is an indoor cat who lives in Orange County, California, very near Disneyland! Since Cleo is unable to be an outdoor cat, due to Coyotes, she goes on walks in her cat stroller in our neighborhood. She has been able to meet cat (also in strollers/Cleo started the trend) and dog friends in neighborhood due to her walk abouts. Many times Cleo goes in her stroller with me to the pool and jacuzzi area in her stroller for relaxation time. She loves it! Cleo is about 8 years old and is a rescue cat. She has a thyroid condition in which she must take medication for the rest of her life. She takes her pills without a fuss. When she is taken to the groomer, she never has to be restrained for her bath, nail clipping, teeth brushing, hair clipping and blow drying as she is very compliant. Every groomer she has had cant believe how well behaved she is and always ask to have her back! When I ask Cleo "do you want to stretch?" she lays flat on her back and waits for me to stretch her front legs. While doing this she is perfectly still. I believe that is her Yoga Exercise!!
All in all, I have never had a cat who is so incredibly good natured, loving and has never bit or scratched me in all the years I have had her! Instead of me finding her on that fateful day at my work where she had been wandering around, I believe she really "found me"! She is so loving, I would not give her up for the world!

Patricia's favourite poem:

This is not a poem but rather a good quote about cats:

"Dogs will come when they are called; cats take a message and get back to you"

Last updated: 2014-07-08

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