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Miss Chabblis 's Home Page

picture of Miss Chabblis

Miss Chabblis is 7 years old.

Her favourite food is Supermarket own brand.

Miss Chabblis 's favourite toys. Tennis Ball

Where Miss Chabblis is from. Friend

About Miss Chabblis . We live in a two bedroom apartment she sits in her windows in summer time, and has a special place where she likes to be a loan under a big cupboard in the lounge room where her bed is only in winter she has her own big bed same height as the window and I have a lounge there I don't use in my study has been built up with cushions she sits there all-day watching the world go buy loves it

LLuigi's favourite poem:

We have several Names & Oh yes of cause I aways ask her when I come home

Pussy Cat,

Pussy cat,

Where have you been

today did you go to London and

Visit the BIG QUEEN & what did she give you a big kiss

Last updated: 2015-10-12

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