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Bored cat? There's an app for that.

Bored cat? There's an app for that

We all know that some cats are technophiles. Many cats love watching television and some are even prepared to be active participants - as shown in the videos here link. So it's not surprising that some cats have taken to Apple's whizzy new iPad like ducks to water. The touchpad interface has made it possible for cats to play the piano, and get deeply immersed in things like aquarium apps. And of course, after the first iPad was released a year ago, it was just a matter of time before the first apps for cats appeared.

There are now two iPad games for cats. One has a laser-style dot which moves on the screen while the cat tries to catch it. With the other, a mouse crosses the screen at speed and vanishes into the side when the cat tries to catch it with her paw. The games are pretty simple, but it seems that many cats love them. See for yourself in these videos below.



So if you have an iPad and a technocat you may want to give it a go. Try the App store to get the 'iPad Game For Cats'. Even if you yourself hate the idea of owning an iPad, your cat may approve. On the other hand there's a host of similar gadgets due to be released, and no doubt in time cat-friendly apps will appear on these as well.

As a cautionary note for iPad owners, the authors of the game claim that the glass screen of the iPad is tough enough to withstand sharp feline claws. Nevertheless some users might prefer to add an additional protective screen cover before they let a feline assassin loose on their techno-toy. Also note that on occasion a cat might try to flip the gadget over to see if whatever was on the screen is now hiding underneath. Play time should not be unsupervised.

You can find out more about the 'iPad game for cats' here.


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