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Looking after feral cats

Submitted anonymously

December 2011

Nice story, a year and a half back a feral cat dropped off two kittens with me. I started to feed these two, and one year later they both had four kittens each, eight balls of fluff in the shed and caravan.

I also noticed that the grandmother had four moure kittens of her own stashed away behind the shed. A bit out of hand this, what was I going to do? Anyway the grandmother took off with her kittens, and I haven't seen them since. But the two mothers stayed around. That's when one of them got run over hunting a rabbit. I'd just come home to feed them when I saw her on the road. I took the fresh rabbit home and fed the kittens with it while I buried the mom.

The other mom is still around, thankful for the support for the four orphans left, but she lost one of her kittens and walked off never to be seen again. She might have gone with grandma's lot. So now I needed to do something and with the help of the RSPCA and local vets, I caught the lot of them and had them all neutered and the grandmother too as a bonus.

So now they are used to me stroking the clan, getting to know that im not just a tin opener. They can be so affectionate; even one and half years later she comes to me for fuss. The crew are all doing great and I love 'em all. It costs a small fortune in food, and I've no idea how to catch one for medication etc. They are still very independent and their time is spent outdoors.

Enjoy your kitty. cc

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