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Simon's cat

'Simon's cat' is series of videos on YouTube. The animations are among the most popular videos on the site with some 45 million views so far. The creator behind the 'Simon's cat' is Simon Tofield, a British professional cartoonist who got the idea for the series by watching his own cat. As Simon Tofield explained during a BBC interview, he needed to learn how to use a computer animation program, and decided the best way to learn was to give himself a real task. Simon had been earlier that day woken up by his cat jumping up and down the bed and purring so as to persuade Simon that breakfast would be in order. So he decided to use this cat theme for his cartoon project. And so the first Simon's cat animation 'Cat-man-do' was born.

Before Simon Tofield realised, his movie found its way on to YouTube and gained an instant following. Cat owners loved it and even before Simon was alerted by his friend, hits on Youtube were over three million and gaining in popularity. There are now 7 Simon's cat movies with the latest being 'snow business':

Due to the YouTube success of his videos, Simon was approached by a publishing company to prepare a cartoon book and so 'Simon's cat' the book was born. Simon's cat by Simon Tofield

Simon is depicted at work on his book in his recent video:

Though the feline hero of Simon's cat does not have a name, the real cat behind the idea is called Hugh and he was a kitten at the time he inspired Simon's first cartoon. Simon now has three cats: Hugh, Maisie and Jess and they all provide great insights for new scenes.


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