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Pets Directory

Cat Chat, the Cat Rescue Resource - the website features cats for homing from shelters and rescue groups across the UK and Ireland, and runs a comprehensive cat shelters database.

Cat, Cats, Feline Paradise! - Cat Lovers Only! All you could ever want to know about cats! Get lots free feline stuff, see cat pictures, learn about the different breeds of cats and so much more!

Educational Cat Links - Lots of useful links to other cat sites

TheCatSite.com - Everything here is about cats cats cats!

The Bad Pets Lists - Harold Reynolds' Humour Collection

Vet Bedding
We are one of the UKs leading manufacturers of Pet Bedding, including vet bed, dog cushions, pads and blankets.

PetlifeOnline.co.uk - Dog bedding by Vet Bed - Pet bedding and health care products for cats, dogs and other small pets.

Save a pet - Advice on how to save pet animals

Cat Portraits by UK based Cat Portrait Artist Karie-Ann Cooper: Stunning cat portraits created in wonderful detail by dedicated pet portrait artist


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