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Cat personality test

Choose the answer that is closest to your cat's behaviour

When a stranger enters the house, your cat...
comes to be petted and fussed over
hides under the sofa for the next two days
tries to remove the visitor's face with its claws
Your cat ...
Runs to you trembling during thunderstorms
Is unfazed by any of the neighbourhood cats
Sits in the road playing chicken with container lorries
Your furniture is
finely shredded/splintered, and held together with tape
covered with suspicious stains after 'accidents'
the cat uses her scratching post and litter tray
Your cat thinks of dogs as
diet supplements
After knocking something valuable off the mantlepiece, kitty ...
runs and hides somewhere inaccessible
wants reassurance that you still love her
gives you a haughty 'why did you put that there?' stare
At the sight of a rat, your cat would
Go into attack mode
Study those teeth thoughtfully, and have a wash instead
run up a tree/cupboard/your leg
When invited to attack a fluffy toy, your cat
looks at you as if you have gone insane
attacks wildly
ignores the toy and mauls your hand
Your cat asks for something by
Staring at you until you get the message
miaowing impatiently till you find out what she wants
sinking eight claws into your buttock
Just before the alarm clock goes off, your cat
is walking over your face to wake you up
is clawing down the curtains and bouncing about the room
is snoring nose-to-nose with you
Your cat eats ...
her favourite food (which varies at 6 hours notice)
a balanced diet
a balanced diet supplemented with local wildlife/your underwear/electrical wiring ...
The cat's favourite place is
Her basket
Her favourite lookout point
Wherever you are sitting/working
Your cat's main purpose in life is
to eat and sleep through it
to supervise your activities closely
to kill, shred or defecate on as much of the planet as possible

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