Who owns the Tabby?

Look at the table below. You will see spaces for personal details about four cats. One of the cats is a Tabby. You have to find out who owns the Tabby by completing the table according to the information which appears below it. Click "Check your answers" when you are ready.
 Cat's nameOwner's nameindoor/outdoorgender (F/M)breed


  • Sue's cat loves being in the garden
  • Misty has never been outdoors
  • Jenny's cat is a little British shorthair (BSH)
  • Jack has a male cat, a beautiful Somali
  • Mary thought that her cat was a tabby, but the vet told her that the cat was a Burmese.
  • Jenny prefers female cats, which she thinks are easier to handle
  • Sue disagrees, she loves male cats.
  • Treacle is always outside chasing mice
  • Jenny belives that all cats should be outdoor cats
  • Tiger is a Tabby
  • Jack lives in the center of town on the fifth floor.
  • Tiger is an outdoor cat.
  • When Misty was born she was the tiniest kitten in the litter
  • Timmy is not burmese
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